Mar. 23rd, 2016

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"Fishy" as some drag synonym for passing as female is an unbelievably misogynist term.
In my youth, I instinctually never bought David Bowie as some guiding light for queerness: his constant insistence it was all theater implied he got to take it off at home and safely go to the supermarket or negotiate his record contracts flaunting the ultimate accessory for success: possession of a white penis.
And then he goes and does the hetero-normative rock-star thing of marrying an impossibly beautiful woman anyway, like all male rock-stars before him. Some commitment to queer transgression there, people.
It's truly cold to tell a group they are too focused on identity and identity politics when the statistically prevalent outcome of medically neglecting their identity issues is suicide. Or to espouse how awesomely self-reliant and strong a gender-bending lifestyle hobby makes you by only counting the survivors.

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