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The more I read about 'responsible gun ownership', the more it looks like monogamy: everyone swears they can do it for life until they ruin it in just a few passionate minutes. But instead of just fucking up your family, screwing up responsible gun ownership means people end up dead. And if you screw up while owning a really fast big gun, many people end up dead.
Every lie-detector episode of a day-time trash-talk TV show shows how well those really important vows of monogamy are kept, vows they make in front of their community. But somehow I am supposed to believe that everyone who swears they will be a responsible gun owner when they sign a license won't screw up the next 40 years of their life, ever. Every one. Every last one around me with a big gun will never screw up, never lose their shit, never fall mentally ill, never get super angry, never take drugs, never be stupid for a moment and let stuff lying around unlocked, and never ever will have a break-in.

At least when people lose their shit in a car--and they do, I acknowledge this--they don't take out 50 people in 20 minutes. And that car has had a use besides killing people.

I can't believe the discussion expects anyone to take the sentence 'responsible gun ownership' seriously. That's not something you are, it is something you do, and people change what they do in an instant for a multitude of reasons. How much damage should they be able to inflict with what is in their homes and hands when they stop being responsible?

The UK has mental illness too. It is not well treated here at all. You can tell in the homeless, and in the stats of who is at home signed off work. But there's no US style rampages because they do not have the tools. Someone here got so crazy last week that he stopped being a responsible gun owner, if he ever was one, and went on a passionate gun-fuelled rampage. But he could only get a little gun, so only one person died. Not 50.

BTW, not interested in rehashing the tired arguments, you can do that in your own spaces. Comments very screened, doubt I will allow any. My blog, my rules.

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