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So I'm in the Lego store, it's this new store LEGO opened in Leicester Square, that has all the lines and models, with my friend who is a bit of a Lego addict. We're walking past the shelves and he is explaining how all the lines fit together, scale and adventure-wise.

We get to the shelf that is very pink and purple. The Friends line, targetted to girls. But right next to it is a new line: DC female heroes. I light up, just as a female store help is removing a Frozen castle model from a display case. She stops when she hears me gushing to my friend.
"This is wonderful! This is action! And LEGO! And fun!"
We ended up in this whole conversation how it was selling, and that it actually was the same scale as the Friends line so it makes great expansion either way. I do remember looking up at the big set again and looking at the characters and saying "And she's wearing trousers!"
"Uh-huh." She knew exactly what I was looking at (the depiction of Wonder Woman).
I look at the actual minifgs. "And A-cups." I blurt out.
We both knew what we were saying without saying: LEGO is actully doing superheroes without the bimbo aspect and it is wonderful. I told her how how I had my doubts about the Friends line, but anything to get people of any gender into LEGO, you know, and the Superhero Girls to go with it is even better. It's like Barbies, but better, with creativity.
And then I noticed the elves line again and she laughed at me describing it as "LEGO for baby goths!" and I could totally see the cross-over between the sets.

And then me and my friend started gushing about how it was playing with LEGO as children that got us into IT and then into IT Design and was responsible for our actual current good jobs and careers. I keep wondering if she gets those kind of conversations a lot, where people just ask about a set and before you know it they tell you about their lives.

Date: 2017-01-29 12:21 am (UTC)
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People do that to me. And the whole DC Superhero Girls is a hit in this house. Both kids love the cartoon, and Naomi is really into the books. We got some of the Lego for Hanukkah and it's wonderful.

I wish the Friends minifigs were more compatible with the regular sets, but after worrying about whether it was just pinkification of Lego, I watched Naomi play with them, and realized that she played with Lego the same way I had as a kid-she'd build a set and then act out imaginary stories with the figures, and the kinds of stories she acted out at that time were better suited for the offerings of the Friends line than the City stuff or something else. Friends offered some similar sets to some that I'd had as a kid and expanded on that, and so it was a great entry into the world of Lego for her, which has now greatly expanded beyond the Friends.

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