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I still identify you in my mind (my mind being a very me-centric world, I guess) as being a foreign-born American, although it's clearly been some better part of a decade since this has been the case. How do you see your place in the world? Is there an identity to it?

I'm Dutch, and have always been Dutch.

When I lived in South America, it was made very clear I was a foreigner, and my family was foreign. So I considered myself Dutch. In the Netherlands I was often odd, but Dutch. In the US I got mistaken for local because of the accent I got in American School and US TV did do a great educational number about US life to foreigners, but I never thought of myself as American--just very bound and excited by the country.

It was hard to leave. I missed it for a very long time, still often do.

Over here strangers mistake me for American, and I almost always correct them. Because I am Dutch. I just started voting again in the Netherlands because I worry about where the country is going. I know I will very likely live there again. I will be a stranger again there--people are very confused when I fiddle and search for change in Euros, I have to explain I am an ex-pat and never use Euros--but I'll blend in soon.
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