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- Has the same issue most Sci-Fi prequel have (including ST:E) which is that advances in technology, both of story telling and in the real world, render the actual original so obsolete that the prequel can't make itself primitive enough to come before in either look or design.

- If this really is supposed to be before ST:TOS, it's pretty clear Kirk didn't drive a super-advanced Tesla for work, but was basically long-hauling a Lada.

- WOC working together. I can't wait for Sad and Rabid Puppies to melt down. Actually I can, which is why I stay very far from actual fandom. But I am there to sense the aftershocks just to know that it happened.

- Funny enough, the rejected whatever-the-backstory not-quite-Vulcan (Is she mixed-race? Seems like a no but still. If she is, what is it with Vulcans throwing out their mixed race babies? What is it with Vulcans, so cool and rational, constantly hooking up with other races if they are going to be all mean to their mixed-race babies?) is not so much in the Leonard Nemoy style diction, or of the pale dude in the trailer playing the Vulcan, but totally in the Tim Russ style of Vulcan when she is being all rational. And then later she gets all passionate and let's just say the inflection totally changes.

- Yeah, and in ten years the Federation switched the women to mini-skirts and the men to 1960s East-German hipster garb. See "prequel issues". Or there is some insane canon explanation of why Kirk's specific periods had to have all women show their legs and have up-dos? Some kind of space disease that only human women could get if they covered their legs? Although Klingon ridges suddenly appearing in ST:TNG are now just being ignored, I read on Wikipedia, so we'll just agree to ignore that they are only ten years away from miniskirts being a uniform item too.

- Or maybe the miniskirts was a 'Wait, when you drive the Lada in outer space, you gotta make your fun somehow" thing and all other really nice ships had people in normal uniforms.

- Looks like random races being invented, because we didn't have enough already. Now, my favorite dumb race in the ST universe were Deltans, a race so advanced and sexual that, according to the ST:TMP novelization, which I read, meant that their mere presence would make everyone around them get hard, moist, or both, and sex with them was so intense and amazing it was dangerous if you were not Deltan. Could things get dumber? Yes, a race made to sense impending death. I'm sorry, that is one step lower in a series than being a one-trick pony "I feel pain, Captain!" empath Betazoid. You're just waiting for this ability to be pulled out for some story telling nonsense. Maybe by season two they'll let him do more than sense painimpending death and become a character.

- The three letter Sci Fi fandom designation of this series will be ST:D. This makes me giggle because I am 11.

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