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But what if my next cat doesn't speak to me in ungrammatical English? Will I be disappointed?

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So there's this woman, right, and she has a blog, in which she details how she fosters kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. And then she gets a new batch of kittens to care for, which she looks after with her husband and her own two beautiful cats and the neighbors. So she works from home, which she has to, because sometimes the kittens come without a mom and she then has to bottle-feed kittens, handling itty bitty cute furballs every day.

And then she gets new kittens. Again.

Screw this work, I'm moving in with her.
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Of course everyone's sorry. Everyone's always sorry. Sorry sorry sorry.

I don't care right now. My cat is dead from a completely preventable event.

Well, I am sorry too, I'm sorry I let anyone else care of something precious that was entrusted to me, just because I needed to move, and because I thought he would be better taken care of with people who were home a lot.

Well, I guess he wasn't. I should have kept him.
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Packing Is Going Really Well
"Packing Is Going Really Well", Nokia N73, Los Angeles County, 2008


Jan. 10th, 2008 05:36 pm
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""Shiny?"", Nokia N73, Los Angeles County, 2008

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It's good thing I am washing my hair tomorrow: when I came in and lied down with front door propped open, Sammie came in from next door and decided my wet headfur obviously needed grooming.
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Asia Likes Fabric
"Asia Likes Fabric", Nokia N73, Los Angeles County, 2007

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This is not easy to type with two kittens on my lap. At least they are sleeping.

So I was thinking some more about Amazon's Kindle, based on a conversation I had with [ profile] chestertodd about how she was ok with electronic books but wanted a representation of them to be able to show, and I remembered that one of the lessons of the industry I am in is the intense relationship people have with mobile personal technology. It's not just for communication, or music; these devices become symbols, extensions of the owner's personality, signage about which tribes and institutions and feelings the user wants to broadcast belonging and allegiance to.

The same is true for newspapers and magazines: the benfits are not just their content, but being seen with them. Executives want to be seen reading the WSJ and not New York Post, design weenies want to be seen with Wallpaper, scoffing will ensue if music people are seen with the "wrong" music magazine. If publications weren't public signifiers, plain brown paper wrappers would never have been invented.

Kindle obliterates that benefit. All you will be broadcasting to the people in the train or street or bus or waiting room while using your Kindle, is that you use a Kindle. Kindle turns a form of identity-broadcasting off. This is a loss of benefit that Kindle has to also work against beyond all other issues it has.
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The Sun Is Outside
"The Sun Is Outside", Nokia N73, Los Angeles County, 2007


Dec. 4th, 2007 04:55 pm
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"Elegant", Nokia N73, Los Angeles County, 2007

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I want to clear up the mistaken impression that all I do is sit on my ass and have kittens lick me. First of all, since I skipped the gym Friday I did manage to make up for it yesterday and today. Yesterday I also picked up [ profile] epilady from attending a student fashion show in Glendale, to spend the rest of the day with her and [ profile] chestertodd in Santa Monica. I over-braked only twice during the trip and she was quite graceful about it, Then we had Build Your Own burgers and spent time watching art being made on Pico Place, after which I promptly fell asleep on their couch. I think the week had gotten to me.

But this weekend, over two days, I also managed to do the most difficult and tricky of all the scheduled painting without dripping paint anywhere; the conduits for the new electrical work for the blinds and the chandelier now match the ceiling color, thus recede visually. All the big painting I can do myself is now done. In fact, I think all the minor projects I can do myself are now all done, so unless I want to start on ripping out the 'original' kitchen cabinet and shelves, this may be it for DIY now. Then again, I should rip them out and replace that mish-mash for something sleek. Oh sigh, I am so over this manual stuff. I think I will do the beach. Or confront my resume and job search first. I can't keep avoiding it. I bet all the good jobs at Disney have now been taken by my colleagues. I wonder if this was all a big subconcious ploy to avoid transitioning to another job inside Disney.

Tonight I settled down to finally watch a movie. I made my late-night protein shake with a drink mix of molten chocolate, which I bought as a treat for Sundays but never get around to actually using. I borrowed the kitten from next door, which I am watching this weekend since the owners are at a wedding. I stretched out on my couch which I have now configured to be an enormous movie-watching lounging pit. I queued up 28 Days Later, which I always wanted to see. 90 minutes afterwards my drink is gone, the kitten is still sucking my ear, and the lone survivors of the plague are about to enter the military compound and I know where this is going, and I don't want to be jostled anymore by a derivative story shot half-heartedly which at this point feels the need to go into the issue of the inhumanity of humankind, an overdone standard plot element of post-apocalyptic movies. I switch it off, look up the movie on Wikipedia, and confirm it would go where I thought it would and I had no desire to experience. Now I am wondering if I am withdrawing from media even more.

As mentioned in comments, it seems that indeed even without a cable box I still get basic cable from the cable outlet, something the TiVo seems able to deal with just fine. And infomercials seem to be part of basic cable. I may have something to watch after all.*

Also, I have deided to stop worrying about staying awake till 2 AM. Just means I'll wake up at 10. I can do that now. I should enjoy it. It need to keep reminding myself that this is the most free time I have had in 10 years or so, and I managed to fill it up with projects all the way. I need to take an actual frickin break.

* I may not have mentioned this recently, so new readers may not be aware of this trait of mine: I like watching infomercials. Not all of them, I have my preferences, but I do enjoy having them on. Mainly because life is beautiful and perfect on them, and when something gets you down and you think "There must be a better way!" it turns out there actually is. And that is wonderful.
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Sammie (I So Obviously Haz A Flavor)
"Sammie (I So Obviously Haz A Flavor)", Nokia N73, Los Angeles County, 2007

Part of a set.
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I obviously has a flavor
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Someone Misses Mommy
"Someone Misses Mommy", Nokia N73, Los Angeles, 2007

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A New Neighbor Visits
"A New Neighbor Visits", Nokia N73, Los Angeles, 2007

God if only I had had some goddamn light in the house these shots would have been perfection. But nooooooo, the visit only happened at dusk.
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A New Neighbor Visits
"A New Neighbor Visits", Nokia N73, Los Angeles, 2007

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Such a strange little beast you were.
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Oscar Is Seriously Comfy
"Oscar Is Seriously Comfy", Nokia N73, Los Angeles, 2007

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Oscar Is Comfy
"Oscar Is Comfy", Nokia N73, Los Angeles, 2007

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I think I should do my resume in LOLCat.

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