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Police have apprehended suspects. They aren't local to our area at all. They are also not that smart, seeing as they did this in a car with traceable plates.

A fake gun. This will make me re-discuss with [ profile] pinkfish the idea of his that most robberies are two-way social transactions that you can actually withdraw from, like Gadi did when he feigned not to understand Spanish when he was being threatened to have his throat cut if he didn't give up his wallet, during a trip to Barcelona. It was in the middle of a busy square, and his would-be mugger gave up in disgust.

On the building mailing list, when this event had just happened, some people surprised themselves with how quickly they wanted to live under a security cam.
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What Molly Ivins taught me is that speaking truth doesn't change shit. I'd read her work and think "My god if even half of this is true, why are these people still free?" Yet they kept being free. Her columns are hilarious lists of excesses both in the Texas state and US national legislatures, and in the end, the people she despised and exposed got to vandalize their territories on and on to greater profit, and she was marginalized.
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Spent the day at home today doing nothing. Wasn't that easy to get myself to do that.

I had a whole entry ready in my head about my relationship to writing, but I just got mail over the building mailing list that someone got robbed at gunpoint for cash in front of our building last night. The muggers returned the wallet with just the cash missing. Consequently, I can't think about meta-blogging posts right now.

I know it is the price you pay for wanting to live in a big city -- the Fenway had its issues in the mid-nineties, and we did have a number of break-ins in our appartment after all -- and random crap happens. It just does. It's just that it happens with more regularity in unsafe areas.

As I often do these days, I have to wonder how good an idea this whole thing was. I fear I have cut it too close and may have ended up endangering my family.
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The NYT has an article about the guy who went on a quest about his friend's lost Sidekick. 'Sidekick' is the name for a mobile device that has a small keyboard and a camera and a phone, and everything you shoot with it, or all the websites you visit, automatically get logged onto T-Mobile's web servers which you can check from your desk.

The friend left it in a cab, did not get it returned, logs into the T-Mobile web servers to check what the Sidekick was doing, and, lo and behold, she finds someone has used her device. The whole saga of what happened next is on the page, and it is a fairly riveting read on a number of levels besides just the story itself, like
  • Learning the hard way how to handle a high-traffic website,
  • Learning the hard way how forums end up working on a personal level
  • Learing the hard way to handle reputation-management on the Internet (tip: don't get sucked in)
  • How the cops try to game their own system to create the least amount of work for themselves, and can absolutely not stand challenges to their procedures.

It makes me wonder about how [ profile] pinkfish and I handled our own version of this; when our apartment was broken into and the perp used the phone 30 minutes after the break in. Now the BPD was not as unhelpful as the NYPD -- and a case could be made that no crime happened in the Sidekick case because it was not stolen -- but in our case the BPD wasn't really helpful about a breaking-and-entering where we could give them full stats on the likely perp -- the person who used the phone 30 minutes after the break-in. You think my phone got fenced in 30 minutes or less, hmm?

I should have made a web-page, instead of scattering our finds amongst entries. Collected the info about his hunnies that called me, and become a media sensation. Harnessed the Internet. Instead, we let it go after getting nowhere ourselves; burglaries are really not a prosecuted crime.
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Am I the only one who caught the Golden Girls reference in Desperate Housewives this week?

I finally saw it. I tried to download it from the TiVo at home over the public internet, but the connection is so bad the sustained FTP does not work. In frustration I downloaded a BitTorrent client and hit (thanks, [ profile] jpeace). This torrent thing is god slow, but it survives running on terrible flaky bursty connections for large files. Technically I only have the right to watch an NTSC copy with commercials, but I ended up selecting a version that had commercials edited out from a High Definition broadcast.

My god. The stereo sound. The picture clarity. Clearer, sharper, widescreen, fullscreen.

I am sold on downloading again. Not since the original Audiogalaxy have I felt like this. But I'll only download stuff that my TiVo recorded off TV. I think that is kind of fair.
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The New Window Grates Haven't Arrived Yet
"The New Window Grates Haven't Arrived Yet", Nokia 6600, Boston, 2005

Oh. Joy.

Jul. 19th, 2005 07:18 pm
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It seems "Kurt" (sp?) has been handing out my cell number to some people. So far both that called are female. I wonder if they are his honeys.

Been telling 'em Kurt's asleep in the next room, cuz it was one of those nights, ya know? Can I take a message? What's your name? No, I ain't his dad, just a friend who's hanging with him.

(Ma?)Ria's gonna be calling back at 9. The first woman declined to leave a message.


Jul. 19th, 2005 01:26 pm
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"Restored", Nokia, Burlington, 2005

Previous SIM has been deactivated. New one arrived today, borrowed a leftover phone. My email responses will be a bit terse.
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Within the next 72 hours, T-Mobile will send me an email containing a list of numbers called yesterday after 8 AM EST from all devices identifying themselves to the network as having my mobile number.
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Have just been broken into while we slept. Dean heard the slam of the front door as they left. All biological entities ok, but all work & personal laptops stolen save the printserver in the closet (currently being used for this), my mobile phone is gone too.

Don't bother sending me email or calling my cell, it'll be a while.
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[ profile] pinkfish just called: seems someone was trying to jiggle and wriggle and remove one of the big windows of the bedroom of our ground floor condo, in order to break in. Of course, if this person removed the window, he's still have to deal with the security grate, but ok. So [ profile] pinkfish has been asked by the police to come identify the suspect they caught based on his description, and he called me for a reality check: was this a smart thing to do? I suggested to ask the police officer to be allowed to id the suspect while anonymous, but [ profile] pinkfish said: "Well, he knows where we live."
-- "Knowing where you live and knowing your face are two different things."
"He saw my face. I walked into the bedrooom and he was like 'Oh. Sorry man. Yeah, sorry about this.' He was trying to act like this was normal."
-- "Well, in that case, you aren't adding anything by id'ing him."
"Yes. Officers are here, gotta go, bye."

I am so amused by the surreality of walking into your bedroom and seeing someone trying to act normal about trying to take out you windows. Oh yeah, sorry about that. Huh. Whaddayaknow, someone lives here, huh?

The sick tree that creates an illusion of cover right outside that bedroom window has to go. This month.

Dino just called, the person they apprehended wasn't the perp. The BPD has now accosted a man for the crime of looking hispanic and wearing a black shirt in a neighbourhood where a hispanic looking man in a black shirt tried to break in.
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(What was the legal implication of me raising my right hand and saying "I do" when asked to swear I would only tell the truth? What capacity was that government employee in? What was I? Is that all it takes to put someone 'under oath'?)

Thank you all for your best wishes.
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What We Know:

In 2003 the Spanish government joined the Iraq invasion against the wishes of a huge part of the population.

A series of bombs went off in Madrid March 11th 2004.

Three days later the government was thrown out in an election in favor of a party that did not want to go into Iraq.

Two views on this event that I have heard:

View 1
The Spanish population caved in to terrorism and opted for isolationist safety.

View 2
The Spanish population was promised the world would be a safer place by invading Iraq, looked at the evidence, and decided to sack the lot who made the now obviously false promise.

1 is about seeing people as cowards. 2 is about seeing people as empowered citizens holding government officials personally accountable for their decisions. The thing is that I haven't seen a national exit poll to warrant either 1 or 2 or both.
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So on an email list I am on, one of the maintainers has a gay state trooper friend (whose big cop dick he got to suck off, and he is all charmed by now) who started saying he would warn the list about upcoming raids on public places. The maintainer, who is the only one who writes, asked him some questions, after other members in the group asked for it, about his work arresting men having sex in public, what he did and felt about it.

In the interviewers, the cop said
a) when he does the bust he comes down *hard* on these guys, repeatedly boasting how he tried to give them the worst 15 minutes of their lives, threatening to call their wives on the spot, tearing the men down totally
b) that he does that because "it is part of the job"
c) that he really does it because these guys having sex in public ruin it for other gay and bisexual men
d) that he puts such dreadful fear in these guys that he sometimes ended up in his own car crying about what he was doing
e) that the straight cops condone and encourage straight public sex when they find it

I was appalled that this was being sent to my mailbox as some example of our brave gay cop 'brother' 'just doing his job'. Having worked on the gay and lesbian helpline I got to take some calls from men who were molested or robbed under circumstances like this, and I felt betrayed: I was told to counsel people to go to the police, that our police gay liason wanted to hear this, and help, respectfully. Now I was finding out that the cops would either most likely approach with an attitude that would create a second victimization, or at least created the impression they would. My callers were probably right not to want to go. If anything these kind of little acts from the police to men having public sex would drive them further underground where they would be even more out of reach from health outreach or the law when they were actually mugged or raped. Terrible disservice. But the cop feels it is ok because he hopes it will scare men away from doing it again and thus he does not have to bring them to the law.

I was furious, furious, furious: about his 'just my job' excuse (that went out with WWII for people in uniform, ok?), the fact that it actually was about certain gay men makingt him look bad, about how I don't think sex makes gay men look bad but gay men terrorizing other gay men are what really makes glbts look bad, about his idea of extra-legal terror-inducing activity being necessary instead of being professional and just performing the law -- guess what: terrorizing people is not a law that was voted on by lawmakers, and is not something he has to do, it is just his choice, much as it makes him cry. I was angry in my email, outlined my objections as stated, and asked to be removed if I was going to have to read more of this.

Well, the next email was the maintainer writing that he had sent the responses to our brave gay cop and that he wanted to react to the negative ones. Well, first of all, of course we didn't understand. And we should walk a mile in his shoes. And he can't ticket the guys, current NH policy is to arrest them and take them to the station and make them face open court. So hiw little schtick -- and he immediatly started downplaying his 8 or 9 minutes of minor hell now -- was far more prefrerable, and what else could he do? Cuz he'd rather not arrest the guys. And about how tough this all was, and about how guys wanting off the list (there were two such reactions it seemed) was "ludichris".

My heart was racing when I got this one. I caustically explained how a policy towards public sex that only put gay men at a disadvantage was actually homophobic, and would not give kudos for it -- especially since it was the gay cop enforcing it while the straight cops let straight people go. That is this man had such leeway that if he could let these guys go after dressing them down, he could also just talk to them and warn them of the dangers, tell them to get sex on the internet as he said everyone who does public places should, and do a full arrest the second or thrid time he found them -- no degrading necessary, no terror necessary, and he still get them off the streets the second or third time he saw them. That I was sickened from reading this tripe, and to take me off the list.

Well, I just got the angry email from the maintainer that on a list of 500 men, after 150 reactions, the other 4 like me that were intially negative now turned round when the trooper wrote his second statements, and I was the only one who in my bitter and twisted mind stayed negative. And that I was off the list.

And that's ok, New Hampshire is too far for me to drive to go to a monthly orgy at a B&B anyway. I mean, really.
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One of the great disservices of our time is that, while all familial dysfunctionalities like controlling behavior, emotional abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, incest, domestic violence and all those more things, have now been brought to the surface and discussed to the point that half of my friends list can spot a controlling husband two miles away, there are very so few answers to the question "what to do" besides "leave hir."

Yeah, they can bottom out and get off any drugs and alcohol, we know how to do an intervention and stick people in AA. But what's the answer to people who don't know how to stop being jealous, controlling, absuive? Even for the motivated ones, the options are few. We know how to help the victims, protect, shield, build up, find self-esteem.

"Get therapy" really is about as helpful as saying "get better" to someone with appendicitis. And it will not save the relationship in the meantime.

Because what do you think is harder: becoming less controlling, less abusive, more positive, more trusting, less jealous -- or finding someone else to accomodate you? Take it from this mildly selfish bastard: there are damn many doormats out there.
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I don't subscribe to your framework that designates people 'sinners'. Calling me a 'sinner' doesn't make any more sense to me than calling you a slupferschtumpf makes sense to you.

You are a jackass, though, pres or not. And this little PR stunt won't drive your other blunders off the front page for long. Two years on in your 'War On Terror' and the airplanes are still unsafe. Nice going, jackass.
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Just in case people though it was only the current government of the US that is trying to link 9/11 to the govenrment of Iraq without actual proof, here's the current foreign secretary of the UK trying to do the same albeit in somewhat vaguer terms.

No proof forthcoming either.
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I wonder what it says about my value system that I am more bothered by the fact that Robert Frisk killed animals he got out of shelters by lying about getting them a good home, than about the fact that he profits from investments made in hospitals that do not ban doing abortions. Plastic tells me the freepers are all over him for that last one, but I am pissed the man killed puppies!
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Why is there no Military Veterans Abused-Flag Liberation Front? Where groups of military veterans in decoration and dress uniform go out and properly retire abused, tattered, mal-displayed flags, left out in the rain and night, looking disheveled and becoming an anti-symbol of the vibrant and prosperous free USA they want to stand for? Groups of men and women beyond reproach in their patriotism sneakily taking abused flags to a resting place and leaving copies of the flag code behind, with the section relevant to the infraction neatly highlighted for the surprised owner?

Idiot Fun

Oct. 12th, 2002 11:22 pm
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[ profile] althaea was saying how she wanted to backpack through Europe. So I told her to ask me some time what the stupidest thing was I ever did. She asked.

The stupidest thing I ever did in my life was participate in a hitch-hiking contest. )

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