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I want to spin off a slice of my LJ as a more formal blog, out of this ghetto -- and yes, in the blogging world LJ is considered a mopey teenage ghetto instead of a place with proper trackbacks and blogrolls and ad placements and what not.

However, having learned my lesson from managing exonome over the years, I am just not very into managing my own box for this, not in my house where I do not have a fixed IP address, nor by having an actual box or a box image hosted somewhere. I want a managed solution where someone else is doing my back-ups and failovers and patching. Especially the security part, I am not in the mood to try to keep up, reading advisory after another to keep my whole stack up to date. The fact that the big blogging packages seem to be written in PHP is not helping. I simply do not trust PHP to be robust and secure. I know the web runs on it, but I look at its design goals and history, I look at the flaws that get uncovered every 5 months, and my mistrust gets confirmed again.

But when I look at the hosted offerings by SixApart, former parent company of LJ, and WordPress, I also go ugh. Barebones comments without threading. Imports from LJ that strip out avatars and user information and tags. Tag systems that are just not fully there. You can fix all of that by installing plugins, but it seems the hosted solutions do not allow you to install plugins, of course. I already did Blogger. That was enough, thank you.

So my choices are the hassle of hosting everything somewhere and have a headache but get an installation that feels like I want, or go with a paying option that is no more than a bare-bones blog. I am liking neither one, really.

Then I went software-weenie-insane and started thinking about using Django on some hosted box to create a view on my LJ that was this blog only showing entries tagged a certain way, but with Django doing the URL re-writing of the Next and Previous buttons to make it look like one continuous blog, and then realized it would be the worst solution of all: I get to have to manage the whole chain, do custom programming, and still my content lives on LiveJournal's servers with their uncertain future. Yet since that was a challenge I could handle, that is what I started thinking about.
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Is there a topic you can't stop writing about in your journal? Why do you write about it so much?
Proving again that she can write, [ profile] mcbrennan answers this succinctly and completely with:
"I originally started this journal to write clever, detached, supersmart, superjaded things that would endear me to the public at large, leading to book deals and screenplay deals and tattoos and TV appearances and eventually changing my name to "Diablo". But when I got here I did what every other 15 year old girl does, I started whining about my life to all my friends. And totally ruined everything. And when I'm not comfortable writing about my life, I don't write about anything. And that is so lame. So yes. Self loathing. Jonas Brothers ruuuuulz!!1! Next question."
It's my LJ path in a nutshell. I know this because I have been backtagging since 2002 (I am at March 2006 now) and could see it happen. I seem to no longer write about war and politics and stuff.

And one of the reasons I admire [ profile] fengi so. If you like reading brain-engaged analyzes of USA politics and are not subscribing to [ profile] fengi, you are missing something
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I didn't want to blog because there is so much to say, and now i am ready to say it i am here in a cafe with just my phone to type with.

Short, then. Every minute in LA was a blast. My friends and the things we do are such fun. Gossiping in gyms, moonlight parties in altadena, rescuing happy drunks, watchine trash TV, hanging, beaching at the Geffen's, everything. The Loft is still so beautiful to me leaving it broke nw heart. I love DTLA.

I am completely torn now. And San Fran will not sort me out, but that is not what this city is for, anyway.

My apologies to everyone i did not get around to seeing in LA.
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Y'all are reading [ profile] dr_memory's Illustrated Travelogue of Japan, right?

I am hooked n every word.
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For the song meme:

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My recipe for making LJ decentralized and under individual control, while retaining the community-aspect and friends pages.

Now I also want a script that migrates a previous journal to a new system, and a server that you can use to update old comments and RSS feeds when a friend tells you they migrated to their new system. It may be time to blow LJ up into the new blogging paradigm for everyone.
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1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results.

1. Multimedia Developer
2. Foreign Service Officer
3. Website Designer
4. Rehabilitation Counselor
5. Animator
6. Desktop Publisher
7. Mediator
8. Librarian
9. Computer Programmer
10. Interior Designer

Other notables from that list:

13. Probation / Parole Officer  ("So this Jesus you found, what is his skin color?")
16. Addictions Counselor ("Maybe you are just weak willed. Have another, call me when you are sick of it.")
18. Funeral Director ("Really? In that outfit? Are you sure? His ass looks huge.")
22. Genetic Counselor ("The bad news: I don't give you till 40. The good news is, at 50 your ass would be huge.")
26. Sport Psychology Consultant ("Maybe a medal is just not worth it, you know?")
34. Lifeguard ("So, had a wet dream about me yet?")
35. Fashion Designer
39. Costume Designer ("No. Not in that outfit. I am sure. His ass looks huge.")

Then I took the refinement test.

1. Database Developer (Oh god kill me now if that is to be my job.)

3. Business Systems Analyst (Well, at least it involves gobs of money.)
4. Librarian
5. Researcher
6. Political Aide
7. Desktop Publisher
8. Video Game Developer
9. Website Designer
10. Web Developer
11. Multimedia Developer

With at number 2:

2. Interior Designer

Oh shut up, all of you.
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I should blog my sushi adventure, and being at a BBQ the next day where I met kids rumored to be the posse of people Lindsay Lohan was partying with the night she recently completely flamed out, but it is too much work to write it all to do it justice, especially the sushi part (Hama, in Venice, where we didn't order anything but told the chef in front of us at the bar what we liked and then had her take us on a trip. I have eaten things there I thought I never would.)

Instead, I keep thinking, as I have today, about how deceptive blogging can be if it is used as a public diary. Here you go, reading one entry after another about this and that, getting some idea about the life the writer leads, a little insight in how s/he thinks, then maybe a few days silence, and then it's "Dear LJ, I am fine but I am in rehab" or "Hey guys, we're splitting up after 13 years." (Yes, I guess I am admitting I am guilty of that too, although in my defense I have to say that, although there were issues, the split was a little on the unexpected side in this quarter. In my offense, [ profile] jpeace is right when he says my public persona here is very strictly managed. But it is not to make me look good, it is to not bore you that I so carefully select what I write. Because if it bores you, imagine what it is like for me to have to write it, and proof-read it about 3 times.)

So when people discuss the little fights or problems or disagreements or hang-over or crying jags, the writers know they are opening themselves up to comments about being exhibitionists. Maybe it can be argued that some of it is, that the writing leaves an aftertaste of trolling for comments or not wanting comments but convey suffering, that validation will only be valued if it is offered in the form of adoration of some kind. I have been there in all forms, I am a vain man with fragile pieces to his ego. I understand wanting comments and not wanting comments in all forms.

But whatever gets said about people who blog their minutiae honestly -- well, not so much minute to minute but more the small troubles and tribulations -- at least they don't leave you wondering as a reader "Man, did I know you at all?" when the Big Event gets announced, "Here you are telling me about the subway lines for months and it turns out that for the same amount of time you were being stalked by a convicted felon?"

But writers should only care about that surprise coming up in their readers if their explicit intention was to let people to get to know them intimately, because the aforementioned question coming up means the writer is not writing effectively. For anyone who is just here to vent or comment on their own lives or write to remember noteworthy things or explore other characters or any other reason people LJ, surprising your readers by not building up to major breaks in your life shouldn't be an issue at all. Just because you post here doesn't mean any reader has a right to know anything about you, including that you are leading what could be termed a double life.

I keep needing to remind myself of that when some denoument happens, that as a reader I have 0 right to feel super surprised or even slightly betrayed. If I feel involved for just reading entries -- not by getting sucked into some months long commenting dialog that looks like an Internet game, that is a whole other level, but just reading entries -- that is my own creation. At most, when the shit hits the fan, I get to be supportive.
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I just realized I have slightly over 5 years of blogging, and I still don't have a book deal.
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Now that I am on a slightly more even keel -- thank you new bullshit in my life! -- I can look back and of course say that I was plenty social, even if I didn't meet up with all the LJ people I am so curious about, but instead met new people. I mean, seriously, when you're talking to a new person in a group and you end up in a dialog like

"Oh, and my name's FJ!!"
-- "F.J.?"
"Yeah, it is a little unusual."
-- "There's an FJ on livejournal that I follow for his pretty photographs."
"Yeah that's me."
-- "OMAIGAWD! Your pictures are amazing!"

Look, that's a good weekend. Especially if it includes two brunches with old friends, a garden party where I met 20 new people or so who the next day wanted to hang out, and great dinners.
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Necessary to create a distributed blogging sturcture with different levels of access to posts:

  • Blogging software on a host
    • that can serve as OpenID validation (the 'home account')
    • that can authenticate readers with their OpenID identity (friends)
      • using cookies stored in the browser so friends don't have to log in every 20 minutes
    • that allows comments based on these identities
    • that allows posts based on these identities as moderated by the journal owner (communities)
    • that understands different authenticated OpenID readers have different access to posts based on groups (filters, friends groups)
    • that will show a different RSS feed to RSS readers that authenticate based on OpenID
    • that has an RSS reader page that can be pointed to other feeds and will authenticate itself when asked (friends page)

  • A central page that lists
    • how to download and install this blogging software on your own domain
    • which hosters will host this blogging software for you, and a brief overview of what their access, bandwidth, acceptable use, and suspension polices are -- preferably with one-click selection and install (choose name of your blog, accept TOS, blog is now hosted on provider of your choice)
      • fee-based or ad-supported hosters available for different users

Pleasant to also have: a protocol for user-icons in this distributed blogging network so that leaving a comment with my OpenID will also point to the icon hosted on my blog / site with the right mood. Polls. Voice posts. Good integration with picture hosting, or its own.
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A few weeks ago, a Flickr abuse-team member deleted a photograph from a community member because one of the 450 comments could be construed as inciting harrassment, which is against Flickr editorial policy. The deletion was irrevocable -- for some reason Flickr does not understand the concept of quarantining questionable content for proper deliberation and determination -- and would have passed in the night were it not for the fact that this member is a very notable community member and the issue the comments were about was appropriation of photographs by 3d parties without consent, quite the hot button for accomplished amateurs like Flickr has many of.

The fora exploded, and of course in the end we got a missive from the CEO or whoever the fuck he was about how he was taking time on his holiday to answer his community from his Treo, the abuse team member felt awful about the mistake (but no word if they faced anything else internally for irrevocably deleting a user's content) and blather about policies and procedures being put in place so this would never happen again, without going into any specifics like, say, what, or a time-table, or community involvement. It read like pure PR we were supposed to fall for, and meanwhile, Flickr is still doing careless and stupid moderation.

My Pro membership is coming up June 4th and I am wondering whether I want to stay a Flickr member considering how cavalier they are about user contributions. I didn't join for the community or the cute little cards, I joined because they had e-mail upload that would post on my blog automatically. Now LJ has fixed it so I can do that directly, but there I am with a photostream I'd have to migrate away so as to not leave loose ends and another account to manage, and I am kinda liking that I can keep some photos slightly away from view... Ugh, decisions. But the point is that suddenly I stopped taking Flickr for granted as just being there for me, and realizing I was giving my pics to actual thrid parties with opinions and delete-keys, not just hosting machines.

Now LJ itself is doing it. LJ, in case you didn't know yet, yes, the hosters of this blog and many others, has decided, under pressure from some nobody watch-group, to start deleting journals about pedophilia and rape and incest. Including journals written as fictional character studies by Game Masters running RPG games. Including communities for rape and abuse survivors that have the word 'rape' in their interests. Inluding a Spanish-language community devoted to discussing Nabokov's literary masterpice about teen sexuality, "Lolita". It's insane.

Yesy, yes, of course Six Apart were thinking of the children and their image. I notied something was up last night when two journals that had friended another journal I am involved in -- I will not answer how -- disappeared from view when I checked the marnamel page of defriending. At least one of those journals I read just to see who that new friend of a friend was: it was a journal of fantasy-writing aboutt fucking five year old boys. The most notable thing about it, to me, who has been all over the Internet, was that it was actually written in full grammatical English sentences. That doesn't happen very often on the fringes, let me tell you.

Here is the thing, and please correct me if I am wrong, but, distasteful as writing can be, writing out fantasies about fictional people is not legally actionable, or would be in such trouble. LJ is making noises they are doing this to cover their legal ass -- as in their legal counsel said that stating that 'rape' in your interest list means you are interested in raping people and LJ does not want to be seen facilitating that -- but the deletion of support-journals is just stupid, stupid, stupid. I can;t even do a Niemoller about how first they came for the pedophiles, because LJ already has come for slash-writers, fictional characters, support groups...

And again, I am being confronted with my content here not being hosted by machines, but by machines with trigger-happy moderators. No, I do not write about rape and inces, so I should be 'safe', but that's just putting blinders on. In reality, your own content is never safe until you host it on your own servers. Ugh, I'd miss you all, and the friends / filters / locking system. I am just not that much of a public writer to want a 'proper' blog. I mostly want to let you know how I am really doing.

Goddammit, this sucks.
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From [ profile] surlyride

It's like Old School and New School rolled into one.
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I remind myself it brought me this entry by bearzbub.
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See, I too, like [ profile] copperred, am more of a diarist than a Blogger. I'd love to be a Blogger, with people all hanging on my every next post on some coherent topic, but instead I just throw everything right out there, and it is mostly little thoughts.

I just can't find the passion to write a nicely political blog about US politics, or homo politics in US politics which would be my natural niche: I do not feel involved in them, I consider myself a transient who just needs to survive well until he moves out. I would write about Dutch politics, but since the I only read the interviews and columns in which the most egregious comments are made a week after the fact when the newspaper finally ends up on my doorstep, I'm not very useful either. I could do technology, but as said, I'd be walking such a fine line there with my current employer.

What's left, my current obsession with the tawdry February scandals that have me glued to and while at the same time hating myself for supporting these outfits that make life utter hell for performers who are in the public eye? Not much longevity there. I shoot too little to be a photo moblogger. I think I am just good at leaving endless comments.

However then, something that has been on my mind as I have been discussing the limits and ethics of parental control and modifiability over their very young children.
1) If the strongest component of same-sex attractions turns out to have a genetic basis,
(twin studies show evidence for that)
2) And if that basis can be switched off without hampering the child beyond, say, making it worse at picking color or dropping 20 IQ points or having slightly worse impulse control, say,
(diversity within people with same-sex attractions seem to point to no correlation with other innate traits anyway)

then having same-sex attractions will be a pre-natal healthcare issue, which, in the US and countries without socialized healthcare means it will be a class issue. Rich people will opt to have it switched off in their kids, poor people will be unable to, and globally, have a bigger chance of having homo or bi kids since they tend to have more kids. Charities will be setup where people can give to give poor warped fetuses a chance to grow up straight, and good Christian geneticists will do their pro-bono stints in Africa along the lines of Operation Smile. If in this environment homos stay organized enough to come out and give each other support, they will stay segregated from the upper classes due to mutual resentment, while the homos will both emulate and parody the upper- and middle-classes they will exclusively engage only as service people for decoration and landscaping and party planning and some mechanicals and secretarial jobs, engaged as a sort of charity, but with no access on the inside.

I used to think there was a good chance bis and homos might be extinct in 3 generations. Now I think upper- and middle-class bis and homos will be extinct in 3 generations, with some upsurges when rich mommies get in the fad of letting nature run its course in some decades.
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I repeat yet again: if you have to ask me whether I want to be on a specific filter, you haven't been paying attention. I want to know when you breathe, if your breath matters enough to you to write about it.
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When I come home, I catch up on LJ entries of the day, and it takes me about 40 minutes. I can't bother to actually write anything meaningful myself, but I have left 19 comments in that time period.

Including telling someone I barely even know that she looked flawless. I like journals where I banter with old friends. And I like journals where we just connect as interested and interesting strangers.
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Yeah, it was the shoes that kept me running that clip. Footie socks turned into thigh-high high-heeled boots (or did they qualify more as kitten-heels?). That's just awesome.

Considering the uniformity of the comments, I am thinking about making an LJ group called kelly, and only gay men get to post on it, about awesome women's shoes.

Then again, it would probably be four comments before it descended into outright misogyny.

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