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For the song meme:

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1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results.

1. Multimedia Developer
2. Foreign Service Officer
3. Website Designer
4. Rehabilitation Counselor
5. Animator
6. Desktop Publisher
7. Mediator
8. Librarian
9. Computer Programmer
10. Interior Designer

Other notables from that list:

13. Probation / Parole Officer  ("So this Jesus you found, what is his skin color?")
16. Addictions Counselor ("Maybe you are just weak willed. Have another, call me when you are sick of it.")
18. Funeral Director ("Really? In that outfit? Are you sure? His ass looks huge.")
22. Genetic Counselor ("The bad news: I don't give you till 40. The good news is, at 50 your ass would be huge.")
26. Sport Psychology Consultant ("Maybe a medal is just not worth it, you know?")
34. Lifeguard ("So, had a wet dream about me yet?")
35. Fashion Designer
39. Costume Designer ("No. Not in that outfit. I am sure. His ass looks huge.")

Then I took the refinement test.

1. Database Developer (Oh god kill me now if that is to be my job.)

3. Business Systems Analyst (Well, at least it involves gobs of money.)
4. Librarian
5. Researcher
6. Political Aide
7. Desktop Publisher
8. Video Game Developer
9. Website Designer
10. Web Developer
11. Multimedia Developer

With at number 2:

2. Interior Designer

Oh shut up, all of you.
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There's at least 1 person on your LiveJournal that wants to date you or sleep with you. But forget that, I know where to get sex. So lets play........ FRIENDS w/REAL BENEFITS

The rules are simple...

If you want to make me moist chewy cookies, send a msg here saying what kind

If you think your recipe is good enough the cookies would survive being sent to Los Angeles and still be moist and chewy, maybe even after a ten second microwaving, write "I'd hit it". And what kind.

NOT SCARED??? Then you have no idea what I look like when I am on a home-made-cookie binge.
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This is usually not my style without a twist, but [ profile] schwarzedrache tagged me. List ten (10) things you want to say to ten (10) different people. Do not state who these people are. Do not confirm or deny any 'comment speculation.' Tag five (5) people.

  1. Oddly, you embrace the power of '&' in yourself, but deny it to a category of other people. People you need.
  2. The secret to success is surrounding yourself with people who make you better. No quality is 'redeeming' enough to allow yourself to be made worse. Not even need. I learned this the hard way.
  3. You put me in a situation I usually detest to be in, but I know how to take care of myself these days.
  4. It is fortunate your addictions don't last long. Else you'd be tedious after a while. Now you're just a cute romantic.
  5. For somebody who doesn't build his next success on his previous one, you have come far. Now start building instead of successfully flailing.
  6. I saw it coming, so I wasn't angry. Things like that happen. Especially around you. :)
  7. Like everyone else: don't be so hard on yourself. You have acomplished much. You know it, but you don't acknowledge it enough to go forward.
  8. I meant what I said; nobody could handle it like you do. You were the best.
  9. You can mend most bridges, actually.
  10. I'll be here in the corner waiting to see what is next for you. And I know it will be stunning. Be well.

I tag the first five people who wish one of these was about them. (I acknowledge that takes guts, but go for it. It's just LJ.) Leave a comment to 'claim' being one of the first five, but do not say which item it was that struck you.
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DisorderYour Score
Major Depression:Very Slight
Bipolar Disorder:Very Slight
Seasonal Affective Disorder:Slight
Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test

Maybe I am just really superficial.

And one has to wonder if this test is part of the insidious patriarchical repressive conspiracy that leads to the underdiagnosis of Postpartum Depression. All I have seen is 'N/A', 'N/A' for that category. SOmething's going on here.
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Ok people, there is an issue with the code generated by the friends pairs meme. It seems to be a malformed closing </select> tag, that instead is written out as &lt;select&gt;. If you must do this meme, fix it, or put it behind a cut.

BTW, my best matched pair was [ profile] rsc[ profile] jwg. Yeah, I am shocked too.
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Screw the concentration test (I do great, by the way), but I just want to know, they're fake, right?
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The Captain tagged me, so here I go:

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

Well then. Here's a combo of both what iTunes is reporting I play most, and what made me happy today on my personal  Yahoo Radio station.

Seventeen -- Ladytron -- Light & Magic
One Word (Album Version) -- Kelly Osbourne -- One Word (Single)
Retorciendo Palabras -- Fangoria -- Arquitectura Efimera
The Main Thing -- Roxy Music -- Avalon
This Corrosion -- Sisters of Mercy -- Floodland
Flesh (DJ Tiesto Mix) [Jan Johnson] -- Paul Oakenfold -- Another World (Disc 2)

And I tag [ profile] keyne, [ profile] iberianbear, [ profile] presleyster, [ profile] boyelectric, [ profile] jered, and [ profile] funball

Edit: Man, I really go for overproduced manicured electronic thumpscapes.
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Stupid food update? Sure. In my continuing quest to ban white flour as anything remotely resembling a staple, and wolf down enough prtein to support my weights workout efforts, [ profile] pinkfish is indulging me beyond the call of duty. He has perfected a recipe for what can only be termed Anabolic Pancakes, based on protein powder, whole wheat flour, wheat germ, milk, oil, baking powderand crushed walnuts that cook up fluffy and golden every time. I found this recipe from Cornell U for a bread based on whole wheat flour, soy flour, dried milk and yeast which eats up all the brown sugar and honey -- ok originally when it was developed they used molasses, but we switched that. Honey is afforable now. Makes a great base for a crispy pizza, although a little too dense for a fluffy bread. He's working on it and getting damn close. Yet suddenly I am getting a craving for Sunday morning muffins. Low GI high protein muffins. Anabolic muffins. Wonder how we're going to swing that. Let's see if the South Beachers have anything to say about it. After that will be waffles, but I know [ profile] treacle_well already has me covered with her whole-wheat soy-milk recipe.

Through [ profile] proemial's latest entry I ended up on Rosie O'Donell's old blog. It is an amazing car crash of honesty, form, and fame. It is too easy to call it stupid or maudlin, I am unable to do that about people expressing their own emotions, because my emotions are most often stupid and maudlin too and I don't want to hear it when they are. Yet I know, I know, that right now I am simply rubbernecking. Her current blog is the same with a celebrity twist: it is flickr-enhanced and comments enabled. Comments from Rosie fans and foes. 500 per entry. She has a special moderator for them. Somehow I feel partly responsible just because she is publishing phonecam-pics and I work for a mobile phone manufacturer and took phonecam-pics early on and put them in my blog and in a tiny tiny way may have helped popularize it.

Recently we got a new person in the building who hits the elipticals just when I go to the gym too, and she has no problem switching the TVs on to what she wants to watch. I only change the channel s when nobody else is around, and I'll set them to inoffensive CNBC -- well, Kudlow is becoming a bit too much of a no-taxes supply-side cheerleader for my tastes -- but it beats the FNN I often find them on, the station that makes me crank up my shuffle loud when people are watching it. I would impose my taste if I were using the aerobic machines where the TVs are, but I am not, I am in the weights area where the sound just spills over, so I don't feel like I have a right to decide what the people right in front of the TVs have to watch. She is in that area and has no problem setting it to what she wants to watch -- in fact, she asks me to because I can reach the TVs better than her -- and what she wants to watch is Oprah. I'd never switch that on, I would think all the men using the gym would kill me. But she does, and all the men end up watching that show, transfixed like deer in the headlights most of the time. Oprah is spending an awful lot of time on fighting fat and pedophilia these days. I gotta wonder what she would tell a fat pedophile "Love yourself enough to make that change and get thin! Then go off to an uninhabited island and die!"

via bbbsg

Mar. 8th, 2005 12:42 pm
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list your top 6 "happy foods". the foods that when you eat them, make you want to do a little dance in your seat. can be restaurant, junk food, home-made, whatever. (and if you want to include recipes for the home-made ones, i won't object!)

1. Chocolate mousse. Good ones, that taste of strong chocolate but don't annoy me with fruit essences or liqueurs. Not so overwhelming that your throat can't handle another taste of grease after the second spoon; I want to be able to fill my mouth with gobs and gobs of that sweet mushy richness over and over. And not served cupcake size either. It has to be a generous full helping, see the 'gobs and gobs' experience. I hate people who serve me so little it invites to having little sliver tastes off a spoon. I want to club those sliver-eating people for disrespecting the party of abundance that a moutful of good mousse brings, and steal their mousse so I can have more.

2. Fruit crisp with ice cream. And it has to be a warm crisp, dammit, and crispy, not soggy. And it needs to have real fruit in it with some texture, not a sweet fructose pulp of cooked-to-deathness. And the ice-cream needs to be one of [ profile] pinkfish's home-made ice creams, cause those are the best.

3. Club sandwiches. Triple layers. With everything, like mayo and bacon, cut in triangles and using proper toasted wheat bread -- no experiments with two slabs of sourdough in which everything gets piled in-between please. Ok, I am just big on enormous sandwiches with everything, preferably even sprouts and avocado and cream cheese. I never have them anymore since I cut down on bread. But I want my sandwiches big and creative and fresh tasting. The Esprit Cafe on Spui in Amsterdam has this awesome sandwich menu.

4. French toast. My current kick is having them made from English muffins. Stale pumpernickel bread is awesome too. But they have to be saturated in egg. I recently had the Texan kind with cream cheese filling and cornflakes batter, which was awesome too, but in a triumph of self-control of health, I had only half and then finished my egg-white & turkey omelet.

5. Cookies. Goddammit, why does everyone get US cookies wrong? If you want to make digestives or shortbread, make your digestives and shortbread, but don't overbake what should be a big chewy American cookie and expect me to think of it as triumph instead of an acknowledgement you don't know how to control your oven. I want cookies and they have to be round and big and dunkable and chewy and make me happy.

6. Ok, who am I kidding for even trying to list this, I just like baked goods. Brownies, but see above about controlling your oven. Baklava. Pie. Any excuse for whipped cream and heating and ice-cream. Banana bread. Oh god, I once went to [ profile] bitty's for brunch and nearly ate a whole banana bread because it was fresh and still warm and butter melted on it and it had walnuts and bless that woman's heart, she had made two so other guests could have some too. They were mostly all amused by my behavior, but if there had only been one, there would have been issues. I actually even like donuts, which I have once a year or so, well, good ones, not Dunkin plain spongy dry crap masked with some icing. And cake, oh gawd I want huge cakes, carrot cakes and chocolate cakes, but not those Entemann excuses for eating cheap chocolate icing, no, big layered, lovingly made cakes.
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The 10 Things You Have Done People On Your Friendlist Probably Haven't is, of course if you know me, freaking me out, because it is making me think about achievments. I think my reaction resembles [ profile] thornyc's process a lot, but instead of being in equal parts bored and apalled and turned on, I am mostly bored, apalled, and worried I am not measuring up.

There's a whole slew of things I can make unique to y'all by their location and my non-standard history, I am currently calling that ... In Amsterdam! bullet-points. I had maids, I have no accent tied to geography,  I once got lost in Amsterdam!, I dumped my boyfriend in Amsterdam!, I bought socks in Amsterdam!... and so many of you have too, anyway. Accidents of birth, all of them.

The other possibilities scare me because they are so damn Glory Days: one US magazine compared me to a young Katharine Hepburn, and another to Martha Stewart. The last one is of course because of the PopSci write-up of the laptops, and it scares me that I could fill half the list with PHKL items alone: been on the front page of Slashdot, been thrown off my hoster for excessive traffic, etc, etc. The PHKL these days only makes me think of how it is over, it is done, it is history, a joke getting further away every year. I am proud of the laptops, but I am really over it, and this is not exactly wanted for The Legend Of My Life. And I am also low on celebrities; does anyone care that I had sex with one of The Netherland's best actors -- well, best before he died. No, he is nobody in this big world of my friends list. I myself can't even remember his name right now.

I lead a very comfortable life, I don't take risks, I make the best of what I was given and then build on it to make it better. I honestly, please believe me however sappy it sounds, can't think too much about how good I am doing, from the way I get to go to work when I am comfortable to what I do to how I get a good night's sleep every night to the people I hang with in my life and all the things I get to do. I drive home in the rain to dinner and just smile every night thinking about how good my car is running and how I did well in a meeting. I can't contemplate these things too much because I keep wondering when it will come crashing down, how many simple small blessings a person can be allowed. Compared to the big world I lead a seriously charmed life. It scares me. It does.

But with all my capabilities I am also not pushing myself out of my comfort zone, achieving things that in hindsight, don't seem projected or easy. There is an aspect there that once I get somewhere it seems easy to have gotten there because I often forget the effort, but I honestly don't think I can fill my lists with things I feel are worthwhile in a bullet-points way, because either they are not unique -- especially with how diverse and fun you all are -- or they are blah. Raising eyebrows at a conference of doctors and hospital admins because I am presenting my paper in a suit, army boots, and dyed bright red hair with a white shock in front... eh, that isn't the stuff dreams are made of unless you are 17. And ok, it was a paper about how I co-intenvted what we would now call HTTP middleware for the medical field, but geez, that's just deep geekery, and look at how many other people invented the same thing. How many other people gave up being employee nr 11 at Infoseek? Those stories of 'almost had' are legion.

I haven't jumped into the deep like [ profile] cecilgene did, or like [ profile] that_dang_otter constantly does, and so many of you do. I've only gone to where my bed was made, and recently I have clung to well-knowns for too long because getting the damn Greencard required staying in one place, and I made the best of that one place. [ profile] pinkfish noticed this about me years ago. I keep being both really grateful and wondering when The Legend Of My Life is actually going to start. And as I am reaching 35 and leaving the coveted trend-setting 18-34 demographic -- yes, you people older than me can now make fun of me, but fuck it if your jadedness doesn't mean I have to go through my own milestones by myself -- I am starting to accept that the gratitude part by itself ain't that bad. We'll all be Legends together. Just being with you should be good enough for any sane person anyway, because reading your lists it is obvious that you rock. It's been the Best Meme Ever for me.
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I have two people on my friendslist who have cooked for Julia Child. But they are not on each-other's lists so it is ok.

Used to be my life was filled with astronomers -- I had the whole spectrum covered with my friends. Then it was linguists. Now it is cooks.
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She loved me
For all the wrong
I was cutting
loss of time

I think I may turn this into a song some time.

Practice sucked. J''s Mom kept interrupting us cuz she needed the garage. I kept missing shit because the guitar was resting right where I had cut myself yesterday. I felt good sting all day but I was having these images of this stain growing on my pants and getting bigger and bigger until I dripped blood around my ankles. Would make a cool video. Opening shot of me cutting in private and while we sing the whole thing forms.

I hate that bitch. It actually was her fault. I am realizing she keeps trying to turn everything around.

Not good 3 nights in a row.
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Go To
Click on Directions
Enter your current address and the address of your childhood home (or at
least the town if you don't remember the exact address)
Put the time and distance in a post like this.
Look, even if I knew which place I lived in qualified as my 'childhood home', mapquest is not exactly letting me enter locations in Argentina, Coliombia, or the Netherlands to see how far they are from Boston.
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So many of my likes are not love. Edward Tufte is not love. Modern interiors are not love. Mutants are noit love. Give it up you stupid quiz.
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Okay, I like [ profile] butrachel's version of this much better. First 20 people to leave me a comment here  will get a response with a comment about them. Indicate when signing up whether you want Nice or Judgemental. They will be equally truthful. Do not select Judgemental if you are going to be whiny about it afterwards -- remember I have a titile Emeritus to uphold.

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