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Horrible jet lag. Unable to go to the gym yesterday; after I came home from my job interview and the supermarket, I felt so tired I had to briefly lie down, and fell asleep at 6. Woke up at 10. Made dinner at 11.30 in a brain haze, went to bed at 1. Recruiters are calling me at 9.30 (two this morning) so at least I do not sleep in too much.

One of them was for a luxury woman's apparel website, and the email asks to respond with anything besides my CV that would indicate my suitability for the role. I wondered how to write down and back-up a professional version of "I am a style-obsessed homo." I sent my portfolio instead, it includes some concepts I did at previous gigs for Moms, and the PHKL.

Incidentally, no PHKL mail in months. I still have the top results in Google for "pink hello kitty laptop" and "hello kitty laptop", but the availability of officially licensed laptops is focusing the efforts of the computing 11 yo set better, I think.
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Someone's trying to sell the PHKL on eBay. Except I know Melinda would never list it as working, nor have access to the four-figure-dollars Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty bling to sell with it for 50 bucks.

A HK fan emailed me this morning to ask what was up. I checked and reported it to eBay, but I bet they won't do shit for a while.

Jeezus this thing has legs.
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Yes, I have seen NEC's latest Hello Kitty laptop. You can all stop now. But I started wondering and it turns out I still have the top result on Google for "hello kitty laptop" and the third hit for "pink laptop". Which made me check the traffic stats for exonome -- something I really never look at normally -- and indeed, while all during May on average I got around 350 visits per day in May with only one day over 400, June 4th, 6th, and 7th all have over 400 visitors, with yesterday at 470. Traffic goes almost exclusively to PHKL, with YZPL being a distant second.

April and May have seen a leveling of unique visitors to under 10K, but I am already at 2300 right now. People are obviously looking for pictures of this laptop on Google, and ending up on my page.

The main referrers besides search-engines are still Hello Kitty aggregator pages in UK, NL, and HU. I am intrigued by one referrer page: at fark. Obviously they are discussing the NEC laptop and someone posted to me.

Who knew this thing would have such legs. I also just noticed one referrer being an LJ that just discovered it. Let's read what they have to say. Hopefully it is not too nasty -- most comments on it I find on the net are either "This is horrible these chicks should rot in hell!!!!" or "IWANTONEIWANTONEIWANTONE!!!!elevtny!!!!"
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From: ******

If Its not for sale what s the reason of putting on here.well anyways do you know were some more hello kitty labtops at.write me back when you get this message.danai loves hello kitty that's me.

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Subject: about that hello kitty laptop

can I buy your hello kitty laptop for don't know $50? Because my parents only give me $5.00 a week & i've only have $20.00 right now so........ in about 6weeks i'll have enough money.oh & i am one of hello kitty's fans so write me back as soon as you can &i despratly need this laptop oh & my e-mail address is j********* (no spaces)
Something about the allowance math strikes me as so totally adorable.
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I forgot to point you to the latest PHKL feedback when it came in a few days ago.

It's because the page has a link to my homepage in which my latest journal entry is visible.
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From: joe@******.my
Subject: selfish

u r so selfish that u don't see this. u broke all the hello kitty fans.
i'm so upset




Aug. 1st, 2005 01:09 pm
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I forget who recently expressed amazement at me that the PHKL still got hits. Since the month rolled over, I decided to look at exonome's stats for July..

15506 requests in total for the page.

Top 10 referres include: (links page)

I had to do some searches to find out exactly what page from the sites pointed to me.

Note that

are good for 120 and 90 hits over the last month. In a way, I am still being slashdotted since the 30MB in 20 days deluge of December 2001.

I am wondering if I should start attending Hello Kitty cons just to see what happens.
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From: Anita*****
Subject: I love hello kitty!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, my name is***ana and i love hello kitty a lot and when i grow up i want everything of hello kitty and im just  14  but i love hello kitty and i wish i had that labtop because is so pretty and i always said when i grow up im going to have everything in hello kitty . Everything icould get i will gat it. although my mom said that is for little kinds i dont care cause i love everithing of hello kitty and im happy when i get what i always dreamo.  HELLO KITTY!!!!!!  I LOVE HELLO KITTY AND IM IN THE COMPUTER ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOOD STUFF That when i grow up i will by..... BYE (HOPE U WRITE BACK)

From: ***** ALAN <hotpinnk*****>
Subject: Hello Kitty Laptop
hey i loved the picture i saw of the hello kitty laptop and i was just wondering how much would it be if i bought it???
please e-mail me back at: hotpinnk*******
Thank you for your time!!!

From: "Patrizia *******" <zando @**********"">
Subject: hi
Hi my name is chloe
i am a huge fan of hello kitty and i would like to know if you could send me a hello kitty laptop
Farm ****
MCclure rd
phone number:*********581 or ********20
thank you
from chloe *** ********

I generally do not answer requests to send stuff or inquiries about prices, because I am very clear not to ask me that. I just wanted to share with you the glorious state of my inbox some days. That and I am fascinated by the odd email, like the ones that  basically say "I like it, send me crap now", or addresses in farms in New Sealand.
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From: rafael ******* ****
Subject: favor
hola les quiero decir que me encanta kitty y quisiera que me regalaran una laptop de kitty o que me la dejaran en pagios sile sparrece mi idea mandenme un correo a comix_**

Yeah, well, kid, I wish Sony would send me a U101 laptop too, but I doubt sending them mail is going to make it happens. No request that I become a surrogate parent this time, though, but I have no idea where I was am supposed to leave it.
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To: fj.www     at    
Subject: i request u with a great respect 


        Dear sir i request u with a great respect that .

    I am a student of 2nd year. i want to get more and more

    education about computer . And i want to enter in the

    world of computer. and i sure u sir that i will becom a

    become a computer hardware and software engeneer.

    So dear sir .
    my father is a poor farmer . and i need a laptop .

    And we have no support to buy a laptop .

    Feel that i am your son . and send me a laptop (Free).

    i sure 100% Sir that you will send me a laptop .

            Thank you very much Sir
                   Your    khalid

    Address :
                    Name khalid     S/O  Shah D****
    C/O   Shahid electric store ***** ****** ****** Dir .
   Country pakistan   province NWFP Distt Dir (Lower).
    City  *******
Email : khalid***  or  khalid****

Express yourself instantly with MSN Messenger! Download today it's FREE!

Cuz what Khalid needs is a pink fuzzy laptop. Or one with a space-station model on it. Or pokemon figurines and stickers all over the keyboard.
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From:       Jack ********** <jack*********>
Reply-To: Jack ********** <jack*********>
Subject:   right....


i love hello kitty that thing is so sweet! i was interested in
purchasing that very lush laptop of your i was just wondering if you
would give me a price at all?

my e-mail address is:


one warning, if my account gets hacked i know who would have done it

please name me a price

thank you

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From: *****@*********

this is to bad that you wont make another you are a genus it was so
wonderful to see your friend is very lucky my daughter has cancer and loves
hello kitty very much i try to get her as much as possible but its hard
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Building object from Hello Kitty Online Game , the upcoming multi-player online role playing game based on the Hello Kitty character and related Sanrio intellectual property.

Image is © 2004 SANRIO WAVE CO., LTD.

You can thank [ profile] nmc for pointing me to this.
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I just got the first email in which someone didn't aske me to do it again, or didn't just plan to do it, but sent me a URL to where she did it. And while not as out-of-control as our PHKL, did a fine job in my opinion.

--Kate, who may be regretting the onslaught of frightening rabid
illiterate kitty fans soon
I'd better warn her that she is right.
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Sanrio Co unveils its platinum tiara jewellery decorated with 'Hello Kitty' charm at the company headquarters in Tokyo, June 16, 2004. The tiara, encrusted with 167 pink and black colour diamonds and seven pearls, will go on sale in Japan from July to commemorate Hello Kitty's 30th anniversary. Sanrio's Kitty tiara will be available by made-to-order at three million yen ($27,300). REUTERS/Toshiyuki Aizawa

[Poll #309024]


May. 27th, 2004 10:46 am
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Mine is still the prettiest.

30 years Of Hello Kitty Commemorative NEC Laptop, Japan only
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From: O**** I love Ryan J***** 4-eva <monkey_gurl_*******>
Subject: I need to talk to youy about your Hello Kitty laptop

I just loved ur Hello Kitty laptop.On ur email its says do not 
ask me if i can make another one,but u ahve to listen,my daughter 
is doing her whole room in Hello Kitty and all she ask is that 
she can get a laptop with Hello Kitty on it everywhere.Thats all 
she wanted for her birthday,christmas and everything else>I told 
her i woudl get her one but i havent been able to find one until 
i got on here and saw urs.I called her in her before i saw the 
bottom bout i will not make another one and all that stuff.When 
she saw it she started crying b/c that was all she wanted and we 
werent able to find it anywhere until now.So please just email 
me back telling me if u can or cant please email me b/c if u cna 
she will be so happy and if u can i geuss i will have to go and 
look for something i could get her she will be so sad.

                                           Thank You,
                                               O***** E******

I don't believe for a second this woman is not some 14-year-old girl trying to scam me with a sob-story. I still get weekly "Make me one!" requests, but at least this one seems to have read the page, and I didn't want to withhold the e-mail address from my dedicated readers. Sheesh. I'd put a $6000,- pricetag on the page to make them stop asking, but Sanrio would come after me in a heartbeat.
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Subject: email

dear hello kitty
 i am your biggest fan. i am nine years old. me and my cousin love you to 
bits. you are the best. i love loads and loads i have loads of your toys and 

                                love from 
                                   rosie and emma
     ps. come to England soon
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This dean jomes From U.K i was about to place an order in your website on phone but i dont know what exactly happen to call that is why i said i shound send you an email so that you will able to read it.

is about my laptop, the one i'm using get spoilt that is why i want to apply for 3pcs only. and i'm paying with my credit card, and the shipping method should be 3-4day delievery which is fedex,
so i will like you to calculate the total cost of it for and get to me back as soon as you recieved my mail. and this are the product below:-

IBM butterfly. 3pcs only


Dean Jomes

This is the latest kind of mail I am getting, presumably from having the PHKL and other laptops webpages up. Usually they also mention that the laptops need to be sent to Nigeria, and they always want to pay by creditcard. It is always urgent. Absolutly nothing about the mail indicates they know what kind of laptop was on the webpage they hit. About once or twice a month.

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